Le Service de l’Enfant au Foyer (SEF)

Le Service de l’Enfant au Foyer (SEF)

The Mothers

Activities carried out with mothers take place either on an individual basis and/or as part of a group, and include the following topics:

SEF provides medical follow-ups for mothers that have left the shelter to ensure the
maintenance of their physical health at all levels, from vaccinations to consultations, and
from pharmaceutical assistance to hospitalization.

SEF also provides socio-educational and psychological follow-ups for mothers who have left the shelter, to guarantee their continued success and health after integrating into society.

Devictimizing is an important process that helps mothers express their fears and apprehensions in effective ways. This constructive process helps them progress by teaching them how to use critical thinking and analyze reality in order for them to regain autonomy and integrate better into society.

Personal development enables beneficiaries to develop realistic and achievable personal change contracts in order to enhance the womens’ self-image; strengthen their psychosocial skills, and discover their abilities and strengths, their gifts and talents.

Parental guidance is rooted in socio-educational support to help mothers have positive behavior towards their children; to be attentive to their needs while strengthening the mother-child bond.

Mothers are empowered by being given the authority to manage their homes and their budgets, while developing their professional skills and abilities and learning tools for social integration. Such tools help families become aware of external resources for improving livelihood and reconnecting with estranged family and friends. Vocational Training and insertion allows mothers to become empowered to have well-paid jobs and to become autonomous once leaving the center.

Mothers have various activities to choose from, ranging from sports activities (zumba, aerobics, gym, etc.), to creative activities (painting, cross stitching, bracelets, piñata, etc.), and cultural and culinary projects, that help them live rewarding experiences and increase their achievements, all the while contributing to the bettering of their livelihoods.