Le Service de l’Enfant au Foyer (SEF)

Le Service de l’Enfant au Foyer (SEF)

The Children

The children are guaranteed healthy development through an array of individualized educational and agile activities during their time spent at the shelter.


SEF provides medical follow-ups for children that have left the shelter to ensure the physical health of children at all levels, from vaccinations to consultations, and from pharmaceutical assistance to hospitalization.


SEF also provides socio-educational and psychological follow-ups for children who have left the shelter, to guarantee their continued success and health after integrating into society.

Skilled members of SEF’s team help take charge of the schooling of children during their stay at the center. This system helps bring academically-failing children up to high-standards again by providing specialized follow-up: speech therapy, psychomotricity, private tutoring, etc.

Allow each child to progress, to feel fulfilled, and to flourish in a healthy environment through workshops with specific objectives.


Children have various activities to choose from, ranging from sports (football, dance, gymnastics, cycling, swimming, etc.), to musical activities (piano, flute, guitar, singing, etc.), creative, culinary, cultural, and recreational activities (Oasis summer camps, public gardens, children’s play areas, etc.), so that they can have rewarding experiences and increase their general spirits while enforcing an atmosphere of achievement.